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Challenging the status quo: Amy Brooks of the NBA, a committed innovator.

I have not been socially active during the pandemic. I've been thinking about the effects of this paradigm shift on our culture and our businesses. And most other smart people have been adding good value.

But SuperMarket is all about the fact that the status quo is the enemy. We can not rely on the facts of today or yesterday to drive our strategies going forward; especially given the monumental constraints placed on us recently.

I found this post from McKinsey, interviewing Amy Brooks of the NBA, completely congruent with this thinking. She, like us, sees her role as a catalyst for her team's change; from modelling numerous scenarios to virtual fans in the stands. Worth the read, especially given the complexity of the business model: live events, media, real estate, concessions, merchandise.

A paradigm shift for those not familiar with the term is defined as follows:

"The term paradigm shift refers to a major change in the concepts and practices of how something works or is accomplished. A paradigm shift can happen within a wide variety of contexts. Paradigm shifts often happen when new technology is introduced that radically alters the production process or manufacturing of a good or service. These shifts are key drivers in many of the processes that a society undergoes such as the American Industrial Revolution". Source:

We have and are still going through a paradigm shift. I believe the most successful organizations need to mix scenario modelling with the power of creative thinking. The right questions and redefining the challenge is the answer. Once aligned to these challenges and focussed on the right things, the strategies will write themselves.

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