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Is there a future for the advertising business?

Years ago I was asked by a past CEO of Kraft "Is there a future for the advertising business?". I replied, "Yes. But I think it will change dramatically. I see the role for agencies as creating value for a client's business and brands, but how we do that, how we create value, will change and evolve".

And I think we are clearly there in terms of the opportunities for agencies.

Here's a link to The Sociology of Business by Ana Andjelic with a framework on some great value creating routes for all marketers and strategists to consider.

Of course there are many permutations on what can be done in each of the 16 sections. But as an overall high-level framework it can inspiring some thinking.

For example, years ago, I was managing the Budweiser and Bud Light business. We needed a campaign for Bud Light. As the strategist on the business then, I needed it to connect to our Bud, accomplishment, masculine positioning. But it has had to recognize a slightly older target and be interesting enough to counter the image in Canada of U.S. light beers.

My one suggestion to one of the creative teams was don't think of it as a product; think of it as a service. And the campaign The Bud Light Institute was born to great accolades, North and South of the border.

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