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I Only Have One New Year's Resolution This Year: Help More People.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

I don't know why this resonates with me so much this year.

I have almost 30 years of experience in the ad and marketing world, mostly in Canada and six years working in Asia. I've done multi-national campaigns from Canada and from Tokyo.

I've been responsible for bringing global advertising standards to Japanese advertising, the 3rd biggest ad market of the world (after the US and Germany).

I still love what I do which is solving business problems and bringing to life the creative manifestations of their solutions.

Anyway, if you need free advice, I'm here. No metre on!!!!

If you are a CEO trying to understand why your vision is not materializing within your ranks, reach out. If you are a CMO sensing inefficiencies in the team, reach out.

If you are a "Suit" in the ad business and trying to craft that better brief, reach out. If you are a strategist, my passion, but can't get to that strategic big idea, reach out. If you are a creative person who is looking at a creative brief saying to themselves WTF (been there, done that), or have found the execution but can't see the "big idea', reach out. If you are part of a minority ethnic group, bring it on. I have predominately been part of the majority but during my time in Japan I was part of the minority. If you are trying to break into the industry, this perpetually changing industry, and can't crack the code, reach out.

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