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Creatively Supporting Women's Important Creativity.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

This is such wonderful work for a great movement: International Women's Day.

BETC San Paulo created the campaign and did they ever hit it out of the park.

This is so good for so many reason:

1. Using the inherent, intrinsic brand elements to champion women i.e. the name. Which is brave for clients and gives client trademark lawyers sleepless nights.

2. It truly champions female poets, musicians, illustrato

rs, for International Women's Day and does it just before that official day

this coming Sunday - so contextually relevant in terms of time.

3. It supports these women by driving traffic their creative products via a QR code.

4. And lastly, the packaging is just beautiful designed.

Hersheys, don't stop!

Thanks Tim Nudd of Muse by Clio for sharing this.

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