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Can Brand Purpose Change A Law?

Well Brand Purpose is not new. For some of us who follow Jim Stengel of P&G years ago, amongst others, this business concept has been around for some time - though Stengel referred to it as "ideals". But apparently it crescendoed at Cannes this year.

I personally have been studying it and practicing it since 2012, but apparently, others think this is new.

What's remarkable about this Carrefour "Black Supermarket" (no relation to this business) case study, IMO, is that it was just so bloody strategic, producing real sector change for Europe - freeing a category from regulatory handcuffs and laws for the benefit of consumers. Because "the stringent rules around the European Union's authorised list of seeds species, (which) gave people access to just 3% of fruits and vegetables".

This is a great interview with Cannes Lion jury President John Seifert, Worldwide Chief Executive, Ogilvy, Global, on Contagious, that outlines this Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix winner, done with the help of France's Marcel agency and creative director, Gaëtan du Peloux, and talks about the business idea, or as a great ex client of mine refers to them, a "courageous strategic creative idea" (thanks Chris Bell).

Read full interview here:

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