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An interesting insight around the world of content

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

It was truly an odd day, that started negatively, but produced an interesting insight around the world of content and more specifically video content these days.

I Got Pitched By Someone I Pitched

I received a very nice and flattering LinkedIn message back from a marketing communications professional I had reached out on the heels of the HR Awards. I got all excited when she said she did not have need for an ad agency, but asked if we had in-house video capabilities. I was excited as our agency, a collective, does have great great video capabilities - even multinationally. She then proceeded to respond to my "pitch" with her "pitch" of her husband's capabilities - completely fair! I got "pitched-back". TM. And it got me thinking - as many of you know, "that's how I role".

So I started to review a lot of video content out there. And frankly, I became alarmed. I started to notice that much (not all) of it was the same.

Current State of Video Content

Much of it was Employer Branding, much was for external recruiting, and much of it was for existing employees, others were, in the B2B space, very product specific, or capability specific. And don't get me wrong; much of it is good.

I recognize and endorse the importance of cost efficiency in terms of video production. I also recognize, sadly, the necessity for people to show they are busy doing their jobs so they have a job tomorrow, during this pandemic.

All Content Needs Smart Strategic Thinking & To Use More of the Creative Techniques

But the really interesting content and video plays were from companies that seemingly had great strategic thinking driving their Employer Branding strategies - these strategies were broad, creative, inclusive and often connected to a higher order organizational Brand Purpose, that unto itself was differentiated in the category or sector.

To I think there are two opportunities for video content to evolve:

1. Let's not forget the fundamental tenets of strategy and marketing with these levels of strategy execution. Just because they are video, does not mean they won't reach many important prospects, or internal employees. These content plays need the same level of strategic TLC as a TV ad, or an old, conventional media buy.

2. Secondly, there are about 8 creative techniques in advertising: product demo, metaphor, spokesperson, testimonials, and new techniques like UGC, etc. And currently much of the video content out there is most just testimonials. Completely valid. But in crowded categories, be the communication goal recruitment, steering an internal culture, or moving a B2B customer to the next stage of the funnel, we have more tools at our disposal than just testimonials.

Our Charter To Our Clients

When we relaunched SuperMarket recently, I had a gnawing feeling in my gut. And I eventually realized the cause. I did not want to be like everyone out there. I wanted to take my many years of experience in Canada and globally to make something better; for me & for our clients. I wanted to relaunch as an agency that had all the best qualities of the agencies I had the pleasure to work at, and none of the qualities of the agencies that were awful, political, or that did not support, train and mentor their staff. I wanted to take all of the comments I received from my past clients about why they loved us and amp those up. And I wanted to take all the comments about why agencies were falling to the wayside, and make sure we never did that stuff.

So I wrote our Charter to our Clients. I'm not sure this is exhaustive nor the best manifesto ever, but it is my north star and I hope our teams and clients continue to comment on it, input into it, so we get better every day. Business has been transformed and disrupted for ever, so we all must evolve. Agencies must do the same.

Happy to hear your comments.

Thanks to Innovation Focus for the pic:

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