Because your enemy is the status quo.


We Help Organizations and Brands Evolve

Through the Power of Strategy, Creative & Content.

Our purpose has always been to reshape how your customers, other stakeholders, including your employees think about, feel ,and interact with your organization.


We have broad capabilities to help our clients including: brand purpose identification, brand strategy, reputation management, storytelling, integrated communications, video production, social media, employer branding and more. 


We've worked with a broad range of clients, from B2B to B2C, from mining to logistics, from CPG to transportation, from banking to Crown Corporations. 

Informed by real-world data & facts, led by critical thinking, and inspired by human-centred, passionate, creative solutions - we are SuperMarket.

  1. To use real world data as our compass.

  2. To have your customers', stakeholders' and employees' interests at the core of our thinking.

  3. To provide facts and data, not just opinion, to support our points-of-view and recommendations.

  4. To bring all of our previous category, country, and brand experience and skills to help solve your challenges.

  5. To harness the power of collaboration with cross-functional teams, diverse points-of-view, and T-shaped people on both sides of the table.

  6. To bring big creative platform ideas to you, not borrowed-interests, or tactics.

  7. To ensure there is always connective tissue between strategy and execution.

  8. To always have senior agency management involvement, input and minds.

  9. To be results-obsessed.

  10. To charge you fairly for the value we provide, not the hours we put in.

Our Charter


About Us

Our collective is led by a team of strategic thinkers, passionate creative minds, and trusted advisors. The principals are three industry veterans, ECD, Rob Spence, President & CEO, Jeff Plowman and ECD, Michael Willson.


SuperMarket is engineered from the ground up to help organizations, businesses and brands navigate the right purpose-led change for growth. We are informed by culture & facts, led by critical thinking, and inspired by human-centred passionate creative solutions. We have built our business on the foundation of producing high-performing ideas and creative for brands around the globe.


We've worked with amazing brands all over the world and here is what they are saying.

Charles Crosbie 
Sr. Knowledge Product Manager, EDC

Rob is that rare breed that is superb at making top notch creative videos but is also great at the strategic level when a video project is still in the early stages. He has knocked all the projects I've worked with him on out of the park.

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